A commitment to successful cooperation between the genders

RealTalk, the platform for equal opportunity and diversity, is part of PostFinance’s commitment to successful cooperation between the genders in Switzerland.

RealTalk offers you the opportunity to experience fascinating discussions with well-known personalities − in person or as a catch-up podcast. You can also discover current figures from our representative study, RealTalk Facts, and find out what our fellow Swiss residents think of the subject in our entertaining video series.

RealTalk event series

Discover RealTalk live – the event series that calls a spade a spade.  Fascinating guests share their personal experience of selected topics in various locations.

RealTalk Podcast

The RealTalk Podcast enables you to follow the fascinating live events from the comfort of your home or replay them later.


RealTalk Facts

In the comprehensive study “RealTalk Facts – the study on money and equality”, PostFinance has compiled and analysed interesting facts and current figures on the topic of money and gender.

RealTalk content series

Discover the content series that shows how people in our country tick and what they have to say about money and equality, all in an entertaining video format.

Our commitment

PostFinance is committed to equal opportunity and diversity, because it firmly believes that diverse teams are invaluable in a volatile world.

This conviction gave rise to RealTalk – a platform that encourages discourse about the genders and their roles and invites people in Switzerland to rethink their views in a variety of ways.

The RealTalk commitment is supported by The link will open in a new window #FRAUENARBEIT – the largest Swiss community for women who want to progress in their careers, The link will open in a new window WE/MEN – a movement where men and women campaign together for equality, and The link will open in a new window ANY WORKING MOM – the platform for self-determining parents.

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