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Crypto for everyone at last

Trade cryptocurrencies independently in the secure PostFinance environment – directly in e-finance or the PostFinance App. We offer you a clear range of cryptocurrencies and hold your digital assets in Switzerland.

Win one of three bitcoinsWin one of three bitcoins

Buy cryptos worth at least 100 US dollars by 30 April 2024 and be in with a chance of winning one of three bitcoins.

Crypto: trade cryptocurrencies in a secure environment

  • Trade cryptocurrencies independently 24/7

  • Portfolio fees of CHF 0 in the introductory year 2024

  • Secure access to the crypto market

  • Custody of your assets in Switzerland in accordance with the highest security standards

  • Invest small amounts regularly with a crypto saving plan

  • Invest from as little as 50 US dollars

  • In order to be able to trade crypto with PostFinance, the following preconditions must be met:

    • You must be a PostFinance customer
    • Your (tax) domicile must be in Switzerland
    • You must have a Swiss ID card, a Swiss passport or a B, C or C1 foreigners’ residence permit as a form of identification
    • You must open a crypto portfolio for yourself. Partner accounts cannot be opened at present
  • Open crypto portfolio

    To invest in cryptocurrencies, you require a crypto portfolio. You can open one of these quickly and easily via e-finance or the PostFinance App.

    Buy cryptocurrencies

    Have you already opened a crypto portfolio? If so, there are two ways you can invest in cryptocurrencies.

    Individual crypto orders

    With a single order, you invest a one-off amount of your choice (starting at 50 US dollars) in a cryptocurrency from our range. You can place individual orders at any time, directly in e-finance or the PostFinance App.

    Crypto saving plan

    Invest regularly in a cryptocurrency from our range with a crypto saving plan. You can set up or change your saving plan directly in e-finance or the PostFinance App. You determine the amount (from 50 US dollars) that you invest in cryptos and the regularity of the orders (weekly, monthly, every two months or quarterly).

  • When putting together our crypto range, we take account of various factors, including quantitative and qualitative characteristics. This means that factors such as size and market capitalization play a role, but the maturity of a protocol and its business model are also analysed. This enables us to ensure that we offer our customers a clear range of cryptocurrencies.

    • Trading, portfolio management and portfolio overview at any time in e-finance and the PostFinance App
    • Quarterly asset statement
    • Annual asset statement for your tax return
  • No portfolio fees in the opening year 2024.

    Portfolio fees
    Excl. VAT of 0.15% p.a. on the average portfolio assets
    With larger portfolio assets, the portfolio fees are reduced
    0.15% from CHF 0.00 p.a.
    0.10% from CHF 500,000 p.a.
    0.05% from CHF 1 million p.a.
    Trading fees
    0.95% on the trading amount
    Minimum amount per individual order
    USD 50
    Crypto saving plan
    From USD 50
    • At PostFinance, you can trade cryptocurrencies from our crypto range directly in e-finance or the PostFinance App – in the secure and familiar environment of your bank.

    • No. At PostFinance, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies from our range without having to set up a cryptocurrency wallet yourself.

    • The keys to the digital assets are held in Switzerland in accordance with the highest security standards.

    • As a private individual, you can subscribe to a crypto portfolio in your e-finance or in the PostFinance App. This allows you to trade the cryptocurrencies in our range.

    • If you trade crypto with PostFinance, portfolio fees and trading fees apply. You can find more information on this under “Fees and conditions” on this page.

    • Yes. Cryptocurrencies are considered assets and must be declared and taxed as assets. With PostFinance, you receive an annual overview of your digital assets for your tax return.

    • The price, value and returns of cryptoassets can fluctuate and may lead to the loss of all capital invested. You should therefore familiarize yourself with the basics of crypto trading and cryptocurrencies before investing in a cryptocurrency.

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    • Open a crypto portfolio quickly and easily via e-finance or the PostFinance App.

      Via e-finance

      You have a login and would like to subscribe to crypto directly in e-finance.

      The link will open in a new window Log in to e-finance

      Open via the Postfinance App

      1. Open the PostFinance App and, on the homepage, go to the “Offers” section in the bottom left-hand corner.
      2. Select under “Open products” “Investing”
      3. Under “Crypto” select “Open now”

Open crypto portfolio

Open your crypto portfolio to invest in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Overview of cryptocurrencies

Do you already have a crypto portfolio? Get an overview of our crypto range and invest directly in the currency of your choice.

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